Tools for Spray Painting, Painting a Room Like Blow Your Mind

The old brush and roller does get cumbersome at time. We all admit to that. And, add to it the cost of hiring a professional, who can charge you a bomb for small spaces. The airless paint tools come handy at these instances and why not? They are DIY tools and can serve you a lifetime.

By reading this page, you have already started your journey to painless painting.

What is in store this year?

If you want it your way, there is nothing better than the Graco Project Painter Plus. If you are a first time painter, you can close your eyes and go for this wonderful paint tool. Painting a room can become cake walk, with this wonderful device.

painting a room

This tool can help you achieve a professional look. The tool covers a larger area, so you get to save on time as well. It is capable of producing 0.24 gallons of paint a minute and more per year.

Reviews for this wonder machine

There are countless reviews for this wonder machine online and elsewhere. It is light weight and a portable tool. If you intend to use it less frequently, this is for you.

Some areas of improvement are there. It uses a little more paint than other machines or the brush and roller. The overspray is more noticeable in small areas. In large areas it looks pretty mush uniform.

Apart from this, you can also check out the HomeRight C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer, when thinking about painting a room. A child can even handle this, it is that easy. You can spray paint on practically everything. Putting the pieces together is also child’s play. You can close your eyes and purchase this one for painting a room.

With such a wide range of tools to paint, who will fall back on the roller and brush? Not me, at least! Will you?

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