Is it mandatory to have a car insurance?

Every one often wonder why you need to pay car insurance month after month. Before you understand the importance of car insurance, first you need to understand what is a car insurance and what can it do for you?

An Overview -What is a car insurance?

Car insurance are required by law in many countries like United States, Canada, UK, Australia etc. Car insurance is majorly for physical damages. Individuals who have car insurance can pay to repair your vehicles during instances of accidents. Based on your coverage amount, you can claim for the repairs and damages you have encountered.You can visit website for Car insurance.

In a nutshell, car insurance also referred as auto insurance is the contract between you and your insurance company to manage your financial loss in terms of accident of theft. However, there is a great deal of confusion among most car owners what is exactly covered under car insurance policy.

Car insurance

The basic coverage options are

  • Third Party Liability
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Optional Coverage

These type of coverages will help you pay for the damages you are liable for.

What happens when you are pulled over and don’t have a valid car insurance

You likely to pay lot of fines, if you get pulled over without holding an insurance.  It is often advisable not to get on to the road if you don’t have a liable insurance. When you are pulled over by the police, you need to show proof of insurance.  Failure to show will result in stiff penalties sometime even involve a costly ticket in some states.

In some states, there are chances of license suspension when you drive without a car insurance.

Closing Thoughts

Driving without insurance is something you shouldn’t do. But yet people are not aware of the serious consequences and still continuing doing it!

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